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  Services Provided

We offer the full range of personal trust and estate related services. Those services include:

  • acting as executor or co-executor of an estate where the client had a will;
  • acting as administrator or co-administrator of an estate where the client had no will;
  • acting as trustee or co-trustee of a trust created either during a client's lifetime or under their will;
  • acting under an enduring power of attorney;
  • acting as a committee of someone who has become mentally incompetent; or


  • acting as agent of someone else who is appointed in any of the above capacities but needs some administrative assistance.
  Executor Services

The person named in a will to administer an estate is called the executor. Only individuals or trust companies or a combination of the two can act as executors. Solus Trust will act as the executor of estates of individuals residing in British Columbia.




We are willing to act as the sole executor of those estates or as co-executor in combination with one or more individuals. We are also willing to act as the alternate executor where the individual named first as executor is unable or unwilling to act.


  Trustee Services

A trust is a legal relationship created when an individual (called the “settlor”) sets aside some of their assets to be managed by another person (called the “trustee”) for the benefit of others (called the “beneficiaries”). A trust can be created during the individual settlor’s lifetime (an “inter-vivos trust”) or through their will (a “testamentary trust”).


Only individuals or trust companies (or a combination of the two) can act as trustees. Solus Trust will act as trustee of both inter-vivos trusts and testamentary trusts.


  Substitute Decision Maker Services

When an individual becomes mentally incapacitated, they require someone to continue to manage their financial affairs. While they have capacity, they can select that person by naming them under an enduring power of attorney. If they have not chosen someone before they become incapacitated, then an application must be made to the Court to have what is called a committee appointed


appointed to manage the individual’s financial affairs. Solus Trust will act under an enduring power of attorney. In addition, where necessary, Solus Trust will make an application to the Court to be appointed committee. These situations can be broadly described as acting as a substitute decision maker for the client.



  Agent Services    

In some cases, an individual is appointed executor or administrator of an estate or trustee of a trust. Subsequently, they may find that they do not have the time or the expertise to fulfill the obligations of those




roles. It is possible for them to continue in the legal capacity of executor, administrator or trustee but delegate the administrative responsibilities to an agent.


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