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Finding Out More


Solus Trust works with its clients to ensure that the proper structure to meet their estate planning needs is created.

That may mean the creation of a trust during the individual client's lifetime or the preparation of a will and power of attorney.


In all cases, we work with the individual, their professional advisors and their recommended financial service providers to implement a plan customized for the client.



  The Process - A Circle of Trust.
  This process could be described as an ongoing circle of advice which is involved in the estate planning process. Below you will see a depiction of this process around Solus Trust's gold band logo. We chose this logo because we feel  it represents the full circle aspect of the estate planning process and the ongoing relationship that is created between Solus Trust and our individual clients, their advisors and preferred financial service providers.



Identify your goals

The estate planning circle begins at the top with a determination of an individual client's goals. After the goals are clarified, the type of trust or estate related service required by the individual to achieve their goals will become evident.





Implement Plan

Lastly, if you decide to proceed and actually implement the structure to achieve your estate planning goals with Solus Trust providing the trust or estate related service, then we would work with you to ensure that the plan is properly implemented. This process would involve working with your professional advisors to create the structure plus hiring any external financial service providers you recommend.




Working with Professional Advisors

After the goals and the accompanying trust or estate related service are identified, then work with your professional advisors begins. Your lawyer, accountant and financial advisor will help you determine the legal structure that meets your estate planning goals and provides the necessary trust or estate related service. READ MORE>



Contact Us

We at Solus Trust would welcome the opportunity to be of assistance in the process of establishing your estate planning goals and working with your professional advisors to determine the best structure to achieve those goals. As well, if you and your advisors decide that the structure requires the services of a trust company, we would be honoured if you would consider Solus Trust.



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