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The Company

Solus Trust Company Limited is an independent trust company dedicated to offering accessible and personalized fiduciary services in British Columbia. Our independence, accessibility and personalized services make us unique among corporate trustees.

We are incorporated under the Financial Institutions Act (British Columbia) as a non-deposit taking trust company. In other words, Solus Trust provides solely trust and estate services tailor made to meet the needs of individuals. As well, we are not owned by or affiliated in any way with another financial



institution so Solus Trust is completely independent. Lastly, we do not limit our services to the select few who meet certain financial or age criteria. Solus Trust's services are accessible by all.


Most trust companies are now owned by other financial institutions like banks. Those financial institutions often offer a variety of other services such as investment management and financial planning either directly or through other wholly owned companies. The result of this cross ownership is the tendency to encourage the trust or estate client to utilize the financial services offered by the corporate group. A more unbiased approach would be to allow the client to select from all, not just a limited few, service providers.




Because Solus Trust is not owned by or connected with any other financial institution, we do not try to promote one financial services organization over another. We allow the client to recommend who they would like to provide, for instance, investment management or banking services to their trust or estate. In addition, Solus Trust provides solely trust and estate services so we look to the external organizations recommended by our clients to provide the financial and professional services required by their trust or estate.


Generally speaking, only trust companies or individuals can act as an executor or trustee. While a family member or trusted friend can usually fulfill the role, sometimes it is preferable to have a trust company act (e.g. when the family member or close friend lives elsewhere with many other demands on their time and/or the estate or trust is expected to be complicated and could require administration for many years). Unfortunately, as a rule, trust companies today have certain criteria relating to net worth and age that must be met before they are willing or it is cost effective for them to offer their fiduciary services.




Consequently, before the creation of Solus Trust, many individuals who had a dire need for a corporate executor or trustee but did not meet those criteria set by the trust companies were faced with a real dilemma. Now, however, they can turn to Solus Trust. We provide our trust and estate services to all individuals regardless of their financial net worth, their age or the size of their trust or estate and we do so at a reasonable cost to our clients. We are able to do this because of our focus solely on providing trust and estate services and the efficiencies associated with specializing in this area.

  Personalized Service    

Solus means only in Latin and we chose that name because it reflects the fact that we provide only personal trust and estate services. We do not take deposits, lend money or manage investments. We do not provide legal, accounting, tax or financial planning advice. We specialize in the provision of trust and estate related services to individuals and work with specialists in those other fields to create customized estate planning solutions for our clients.



Those other specialists can be the client's trusted advisors or, if no such relationship currently exists between the client and an advisor, then we can make an introduction to a number of experts in the field. In all cases, we focus on providing professional trust and estate services in conjunction with experts in other fields, ensuring that the client receives the highest level of unbiased and personalized advice possible.

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