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  Working With Professional Advisors

Although John Blackmer, the President and CEO of Solus Trust, is a lawyer with many years of experience advising clients on estate planning matters, we never prepare legal documentation or provide tax, estate or financial planning advice to our clients. To do otherwise would clearly constitute a conflict of interest and we at Solus Trust take pride in ensuring that the interests of our clients are protected.

To that end, we always work with our client’s professional advisors to prepare the structure which will be used to achieve their estate planning goals. This process could involve discussions between Solus Trust, the client and their lawyer, accountant, financial planner, investment advisor and/or insurance agent. By working together as a team, the client can take comfort in knowing that the


structure being proposed has taken into consideration all of their financial circumstances. As well, the proposal benefits from the collective expertise of all of the client’s advisors and Solus Trust. In some cases, a client may not have an advisor with whom they have already established a relationship. When that occurs, we will provide introductions to reputable professional advisors who have expertise in their respective areas of specialization.

Our approach of offering only trust and estate services and working with external professional advisors to create a customized, personal estate plan for our clients is one of the ways that Solus Trust distinguishes itself from its competitors. For more information on how Solus Trust is unique in other ways, please click on our About Us page.

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