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  Implement Your Plan

After you have had an opportunity to select an estate plan with your professional advisors and have decided you would like to have Solus Trust provide the necessary trust or estate related service, then the next step is to actually implement your estate plan.

This would involve creating a trust, a will and/or a power of attorney. Your lawyers, with the appropriate input from your other professional advisors such as accountants and financial advisors, would prepare the appropriate documentation with Solus Trust appointed, respectively, as the trustee, executor or substitute decision maker. For a more detailed description of the services that Solus Trust would provide in those instances, please click on either Trustee Services, Executor Services or Substitute Decision Maker Services. In all cases, Solus Trust would work with you and your professional advisors to ensure that this implementation stage proceeds as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Often the implementation process involves hiring financial services providers such as investment managers, bankers, insurance agents or financial advisors. Because Solus  Trust specializes only in the provision of trust and estate related services, we always hire these financial service providers externally. In choosing the external firm, we will seek


recommendations from the client. If the client does not have any preference or a pre-existing relationship with a financial service provider, then we will seek proposals from a number of reputable organizations. The client’s input in reviewing those proposals would be welcome and then Solus Trust would finally select and hire the financial organization.

The fact that Solus Trust specializes in the provision of trust and estate related services and always hires external firms to provide financial services to its trusts and estates adds to its independence. To learn more about our independence and our other unique features, click on About Us.

Once the estate plan is implemented, Solus Trust will diligently and professionally administer the account. In addition, we will provide the client with regular periodic statements reporting on the status of the account. As mentioned previously, estate planning is an ongoing, continuing process so at the appropriate time, Solus Trust will meet again with the client and their professional advisors to ensure that the current structure continues to properly meet all of the estate planning needs of the client. If adjustments are needed, the process described in the circle on the Find Out More page begins again.

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