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Solus Trust Company Limited ("Solus Trust") is an independent, non-deposit taking trust company incorporated under the Financial Institutions Act (British Columbia). The fact that Solus Trust is independent and provides only trust and estate services to individuals makes it unique among the other trust companies operating in British Columbia. All other trust companies are either owned by another financial institution or they focus on offering other financial services to their trust and estate clients.




At Solus Trust, we are not owned by nor have any affiliation with any other financial institution. We specialize in offering only trust and estate related services to individuals. Providing personal fiduciary services is our only business. We partner with our client's legal, accounting and financial advisors to customize an estate plan that satisfies their specific needs. We then hire the external organizations recommended by the client to provide other financial services like investment management to the trust or estate we are managing on behalf of our client.

Another feature which distinguishes Solus Trust from all the other trust companies is that we are accessible to all individuals, not just the select few who meet strict net worth or age criteria. Right now, an individual must



meet certain financial net worth or age criteria before the other trust companies are willing, or it is cost effective for them, to offer their trust and estate services. At Solus Trust, we have no such thresholds which must be met. We offer our services to all individuals regardless of their net worth, age or size of their trust or estate.

So if you are looking for a trust company to act as your executor, to be trustee of your trust, to be your substitute decision maker in case you become mentally incompetent or you are acting in one of those capacities and need some administrative help, please consider Solus Trust Company Limited as an option. To find out more about our company and the services we provide, please click here. 

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